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Days Alone is a game set on the International Space Station ( ISS ) and you will play as an astronaut left alone waiting for the new team to come. At the beginning it seems like a normal mission but when the astronaut is finally alone on the space station, he understands what it means to be truly alone.From Earth, they told him that he will have to wait for a couple of days, but it will not be that simple.

It's a classic turn-based RPG made with RPGMaker VX Ace with a Sci-Fi setting.It features a soundtrack composed by me. The game will be completely in English.

Days Alone Is NOT an horror game. It's a story about loneliness and how people may react to it, in extreme situations. It's about how you feel when you know there's no way to communicate to anyone, and you can't see a way to get back home. It will be a short game, it will take approximately half an hour to finish it.

For this reason the game will be completely free and downloadable from here.

Credits: Victor Sant for the light script.


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The game is not what I expected (in bad sense of this word). I expected life full of challanges living alone, like in "The Martian". When you have to figure out how to solve very difficult problems when there is nobody to help you. Instead I got alien invasion plot (I know, it turned out that the aliens are imaginary, but still)

Thanks for the review and for playing the game. So you suggest that the game could have been more interesting with some sort of mini-games based on surviving on the space station? I thought about some stuff but wasn't able to made it. Like I was thinking about a food and water bar. Are you thinking about stuff like this?

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I had other scenarios in my head. Namely, "You're your own teacher" and "You're your own technical support". I imagined that the character would need to handle complex bugs in software and manage to repair broken hardware, while having very limited knoweledge of the whole system. Finding what exactly is broken would also be part of problem. And some of your experiments would be risky if your hypothesis about the source of problem is wrong or if you forgot to take something into account. Plus you would need to figure out how to fix the problem with your limited recources (like choice between different crude fixes, each one with its own negative side-effects and risks). Plus the whole system can be entangled functionally. So if you f*cked up royally in one place be ready for severe consequences for other parts of the system.

Any plans of a MV port?

Sooner or later I will switch to MV. Still haven't decided when. You're actually giving me a good idea, I never though about porting this to MV. Have you ever done a porting like this before?

I have yes. A New Home + is an example. IF you'd like I could help port it over? I wouldn't mind at all ^^

I have MV and a software that can scale the graphics to MV standards. So I'd love to help with this ^^

So would it be possible to do?

I'm working on another project right now. And it's keeping me pretty busy.  When I'll buy MV, can I ask you for some help? specially with the graphics.

Well I can handle doing the port right now while you work on your project? It'll save you the trouble I believe, and you can give your new project all of your focus.

How does that sound?

Sorry if it always takes me so long to respond. Pretty busy at work these days. If you don't mind I prefer to wait a little bit until I'm more free because I'm actually really interested in how this conversion works and I want to see it in details. If it's a problem for you, don't worry I will try by myself to port it

Why do you want to use MV? VX Ace can do everything MV can do (except using JavaScript. Because it uses Ruby instead of Javascript). And unlike MV, it's not buggy piece of bloatware.

I wanted to try id and I was interested in export games for multiple platforms. Do you have any experience with it?

Theoretically your game should work fine on any OS with Wine. Personally I use Linux and RPG Maker VX Ace games work under Wine without any problems. Such games also work well in virtual machine with Windows guest. Unlike games made under RPG Maker MV. They glitch and malfunction both under Wine and in virtual machine. Even native Linux ports and Web ports suffer from occazional freezing.

Hey there! I just played "Days Alone" and found it astonishing just like "The White Room", you remember when i played it? Anyway, this was worth doing, and the atmosphere was nice, i'm sorry if this video is too long and you can't watch it all. You should make more RPGMaker games you know, you got a good imagination.

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

NOTE : There's a webcam fail in this video lol...

I also wanna thank you for following me on itch.io!

Of course I remember you. Thank you so much for playing my games. I watched the entire video, thanks for all your support :)

Thank you! You're welcome!