A downloadable game for Windows

A War for Vulcan

This is my entry for the Vulcan Jam.

It's a classic JRPG made with RPGMaker VX Ace with a story about Vulcan, the God of the Forge. I worked mainly on the story, the dungeons and the side quests.

Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think about it, any kind of feedback will be appreciated.

Install instructions

It's a classic RPGMaker game, launch the .exe file, choose a folder to install the game and play it.


A War for Vulcan.exe 306 MB


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im gonna play this on my youtube channel cause my gamejolt friend that boy HM played it and it looks cool

OMG! Hey there! So you're on itch.io too? Cool! And you're gonna play this because of me? Thank you so much!

Thank you very much will watch the video.

Hey there! Just made a first part of a let's play for this game. Just like "TWR" and "DA", this game was nice. I will continue it to the end!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

NOTE : I said in the video this game got released in the same day i recorded, but when i looked again i realized you just updated the page, sorry about that.

Once again, thanks. You've played every game I have made so far! I hope to release another game this summer.

You're welcome! And good luck!